Why vegan?

If you’re not vegan but came here to find products you can actually use, you might be wondering why the products featured are also cruelty free and vegan. There are tons of products on the market that aren’t either, so why limit yourself?

Your money counts, and every dollar is a vote. We live in a modern world that renders animal cruelty barbaric and unnecessary. You can get the same item, if not better, that uses no animal ingredients and doesn’t test on animals.

If you’re going to shop for items you need, you might as well buy the cleanest you can. Because what goes on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, and I don’t think anyone asked for their toxic chemical levels to be checked on their last blood test.

Put simply, the United States has a list of banned ingredients in cosmetics that totals 11. The EU has banned thousands. We can’t rely on our government to regulate the products we use because it’s in their best interests to keep quiet.

Not only will buying vegan not hurt you, but it won’t hurt any animals. So you can sleep easy.

For the purpose of Aloe Free Products l, an item is considered cruelty free if they have a certification.

An item is considered vegan if they label it vegan.

If you’ve been veg-curious

Usually, body and lifestyle products are the last things vegans change after stepping into the lifestyle. And it’s not easy- you need to literally double check every single item before buying it.

Why cruelty free?

Cruelty feee means an item and its ingredients were not tested on animals. There are many certifications including.

How do you determine a product is aloe free?

If aloe isn’t listed on the ingredient list, I consider it aloe free. I am starting to check directly with the company to confirm aloe isn’t used at all. It’s rare for traces of aloe to be found in a product that doesn’t use aloe at all.

Is your brand 100% aloe free? Apply to be Aloe Free certified.

Interested in learning more about veganism?

Here are some resources:


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