Lip Balms Without Aloe Vera


A little aloe won’t hurt your pucker..

..said no one ever.

These lip balms are aloe free, cruelty-free and vegan.


When your lips are so bad you just want to peel them off, First Aid Beauty comes to the rescue! A personal favorite, FAB’s Ultra Repair Lip Therapy is definitely like therapy for your poor mouth. It’s much thicker than a regular balm and stays on for hours replenishing your supple pout with colloidal oatmeal. Plus, it’s petroleum free.

FAB Ultra Repair Lip Therapy Is best for:

  • Harsh weather + Exposure to the elements

  • Severely dry lips

  • Allergic to everything people: it’s gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free and nano-free

  • Scent-sensitive- it’s fragrance free. From my personal experience it has a pleasantly light mint scent that so subtle you barely notice it’s there. But technically, there are no added fragrances.


It’s kind of crazy how hard it is to find a natural, unscented lip balm. You would think most would be unscented but in fact they are almost all “naturally scented”. This is great for the farmers of ingredients that make it into the formula but still sucks for people who are sensitive to smells. Truly unscented, Hurraw’s lip balm is a workhorse. My favorite part of Hurraw has to be the shape of their lip balm. It’s not circular so it doesn’t roll off a table or down the street when you drop it. It’s like a flat cylinder that slips into pockets, pouches and purses with ease.

You don’t need to be allergic to aromas to want an unscented balm- it’s almost always a good idea to keep the fragrance to a minimum if you’re wearing other perfumed products like lotion, lipstick or actual perfume so they don’t all mix into a repulsive concoction.

Hurraw! Unscented Lip Balm Is Best For:

  • Scent-sensitive

  • Minimalists

  • The gluten-free

  • Men & women (very unisex-looking)


Hooray for Hurraw! They definitely rule the natural lip balm market since their formulas are mostly organic and raw. Translation: you’re only putting ingredients safe enough to ingest on your mouth (which you lick the most!). The Moon Lip Balm’s moisture comes courtesy of “azulene packed blue chamomile.”

Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm Is Best For:

  • Overnight moisture

  • Regularly lips

  • The gluten-free

  • Men & women (it looks unisex)


The au natural beauties among us go gaga over this tinted balm that naturally colors the lips. Temporary tint your lips with the hue of black cherry, picked from Montana’s Flathead Lake.

Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm Is Best For:

  • A hint of tint

  • The gluten-free

  • Girls who want to wear lipstick but aren’t old enough- this is a safe alternative parents can get on board with since the tint is so light


Eco Lip is proudly bee free, but not fun free. Their scent repertoire is quite extensive, including lemon-lime, superfruit and sweet mine in this bunch alone. They are Made in USA and get their moisture from cocoa butter and coconut oil.

Eco Lips Lip Balm is Best for:

  • Scent lovers

  • Shoppers allergic to beeswax and/or honey

  • Kids- they look like the Chapstick and Lip Smackers their friends are carrying so they won’t feel left out


Calling all health nuts! Hemp is a wonder, especially as Merry Hempster’s signature ingredient. Hemp seed oil + peppermint = sigh. The little guy just looks so happy on the tube.

Merry Hempsters Is Best for:

  • Mint fans- they also have a spearmint version!

  • Guys- the packaging is unisex


Your lips need protection too! The most forgotten place to apply SPF is probably the lips, so Hurraw! has this super low-maintenance lip balm for the outdoorsy, athletes and pool worshippers.

Hurraw! Sun Lip Balm Is Best For:

  • Sunny bunnies who spend a lot of time outside

  • Kids- they have delicate skin

  • Vacation!


Gloss hasn’t been “in” since Juicy Tubes made their debut in the early 2000s, but thanks to Kopari you can have your gloss and eat it too. Specifically because their moisturizing lip gloss has it’s star ingredient- coconut oil! This vegan, paraben and sulfate free gloss replenishes your over-licked lips with a schmear of sexy glossiness. Perfect for those who want to layer a gloss over their favorite lipstick or just go bare with shiny lips of your own color, Kopari is bringing back the high shine that looks oh-so-fine.

Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy is Best For:

  • Make-up queens + gloss lovers

  • Coconut-oil nuts

  • Kopari loyalists


I never could be one of those fancy schmancy girls who whipped out a lip balm jar and started dabbing away. I always made a total mess of the lip balm rubbing my finger around in it and proceeding to swipe it over my entire mouth and chin area before promptly asking someone for a wipe and undoing all of my handy work.

If you have the skills to apply lip balm from a jar- I tip my hat to you. You’re the balm dot calm.

Herbivore Botanicals Natural Coco Rose Lip Conditioner Is Best for:

  • Rose lovers- imagine someone tickling your lips with anti-inflammatory Bulgarian Rose and moisturizing coconut oil

  • Finger balm enthusiasts

  • Herbivore Botanicals loyalists


In skyn ICELAND’s take on lip treatments, wintered red algae brings your lips back to life.

Skyn iceland Berry Lip Fix Is Best for:

  • Chapped, dry lips

  • Stylish makeup kits- the packaging is unmistakable!

  • skyn ICELAND loyalists- this goes great on top of their plumping lip gels

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