Baby Diapers Without Aloe Vera


Pamper your baby’s hiney with cushy natural diapers that are oh-s0 tiny.

If they have a butt, there’s a diaper for them.

The struggle to find aloe free baby products is real. If anyone in the house changing diapers is allergic, you should wipe out all traces of aloe. The most used product is arguably diapers (next to baby wipes) so having a selection to choose from is nice. Voila!

all diapers are aloe free, cruelty-free and vegan


All hail Jessica Alba for creating a natural baby and home care empire. They have a long way to go, as I don’t feel like their products are as “clean” as they should be. However, these diapers are an exception. No fragrances, dyes, or latex means they’re all diaper, all the time.

Honest Baby diapers are Best For:

  • Subscription lovers- get them delivered to your doorstep like clockwork

  • Honest loyalists


With sizes 1-6, you can wrap your baby’s bum in unicorn dreams. With no added chemicals, perfumes or lotions, this diaper is all business. Their certifications include the Danish Asthma/Allergy certification, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and FSC-certified. Plus, dermatologists think they’re pretty rad.

bambo nature eco friendly baby diapers are Best For:

  • Label/certification obsessed

  • Sensitive babies

  • Doting parents who want to pamper their baby

  • Environmentalists- these are processed sustainably


I realize packaging doesn’t matter when it comes to a diaper’s durability- but can we take a second to coo over Attitude’s adorable cartoon? The baby’s pretty cute too. But the real question is.. do they work? With chlorine-free FSC-certified cellulose that is biodegradable, highly absorptive and processed with minimal energy, Attitude is a trusted brand that doesn’t let you (or your baby’s diaper) down. Droopy drawers begone!

attitude natural baby diapers are Best For:

  • Picky parents

  • Environmentalists- these are biodegradable

  • Attitude loyalists


Free of all the nasties (chlorine, latex, dye and fragrance) Earth’s Best diapers are a solid choice for picky parents. Made from corn and wheat, these are also hypoallergenic. Their claim to fame? Stretchy sides that refasten themselves to make sure your baby is sitting comfy in their poop until you save the day with a changing.

earth’s best tenderCare Chlorine-Free Diapers are Best For:

  • All babies- they come in sizes 1-6

  • Their royal hineyness- comfortable and cushy for even the most discerning of tushes


I don’t even have a baby to diaper, but the name “Bumkins” has me sold. For the tree huggers and purists who are saving the environment one cloth diaper at a time (stop showing off!), these flushable bamboo viscose liners are your new best friend.

bumkins flushable biodegradable cloth diaper liners are Best For:

  • Cloth diaper enthusiasts

  • Sensitive babies

  • Efficiency-obsessed parents- cloth + liners= best of both worlds

  • Environmentalists

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