Brands I Can’t Recommend

If You’re Allergic To Aloe 

Brands are on this list Because..

  • They never responded to my email requesting their aloe free options

  • They refused to provide a list of their aloe free products and/or..

  • They told me to read the ingredients list on each product and/or..

  • They told me which products contain aloe, instead of the ones that don’t (which I specifically requested) and/or..

  • I had to ask multiple times and they still didn’t understand/supply the appropriate list

the Bottom line:

I don’t buy or support brands that treat an aloe allergy with blatant disregard.

I believe we can spend our dollars with brands who care and are more than happy to accommodate us.

Allergies are no joking matter

If a brand can’t take an allergy seriously enough to compile their aloe free products, then I can’t recommend them to you. Having allergies makes you naturally more empathetic, but the people behind most Customer Service email addresses can care less. Most of these companies weren’t even willing to try.

I spend most of my time compiling products for the Shopping Guides, which means reading every ingredient on every product a brand has isn’t feasible. Some brands have hundreds of products and to go through each product for a brand can take hours.

Instead, I rely on the brands themselves to put together a list of their products that don’t have aloe vera as an ingredient. These become the Product Lists you all love so much.

This is common practice. Most beauty bloggers looking for a list of vegan or gluten-free products email the brand to receive a list of vetted items. The same goes for nut or soy allergies, with some brands even going so far as including these labels on the product listing themselves for maximum transparency.

These are brands who refused to provide a list of their aloe free products and therefore I cannot recommend anymore. It comes down to pure laziness on the part of their customer service team. If they tell me to read the ingredients, why can’t they? It’s their job to help out customers- literally! This frustrates me.

In the case all of a brand’s products are aloe free, I ask them to provide a definitive list of their products for easy sharing. The brands on this list that say they are aloe free did not provide me with a definitive list, even after requesting one.



This is The Email I Send:

Hi team!

I run and I'd love to know which of your products are vegan AND aloe free?

Believe it or not, thousands of people are allergic to aloe vera which makes it difficult for us to shop for natural products. Aloe is in practically everything and some allergies to it are life threatening.

My readers are eager to discover which products they can use at their favorite brands that accommodate their aloe vera allergy.

You can see examples of the product lists I post here:

If you can provide ONE list that contains all of your products that are vegan and aloe free, I would appreciate it. Please DO NOT give me 2 separate lists- I want ONE list of each item that does not contain aloe AND is vegan. For example, if it is vegan but contains aloe I DO NOT want it on the list.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Nicole, Founder

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I Can’t Recommend These Brands

  • 100% Pure

-> told me to read the ingredients list

  • Afterglow Cosmetics

    -> refused to provide me with a list, told me to read the ingredients

  • Catrice Cosmetics

    -> only provided a vegan, gluten-free and paraben free list after asking a second time. There’s no reason she couldn’t have read the ingredients herself to compile a list.

  • Tarte

-> told me to read the ingredients list

  • OFRA

-> refused to provide a list, very uncooperative

  • Farsali

-> said whole line didn’t contain it, look at ingredients

  • KF Beauty

    -> ignored my question entirely

  • OSEA

-> told me to read ingredients

  • NOW

    -> blew off my request

  • Schmidt’s

-> email was forwarded to marketing department (??) after I clarified my request, I never heard back. I called them out on Twitter- see the exchange here.

  • Sugar Cosmetics

    -> refused to provide a list

  • Trust Fund Beauty

-> told me to read ingredients

  • Tree Hut Shea

-> told me to read ingredients

  • Youth To The People

-> told me to read ingredients

  • PHB

-> told me all cosmetics + 2 skincare items are aloe free but refused to provide me a list of cosmetics. They eventually did (after much back and forth), but getting it should not have been so difficult or exhausting.

  • oVertone

-> refused to provide list of aloe free items, told me to read ingredients

  • Earth Mama

-> told me to read ingredients

  • Besame Cometics

-> they gave me a list of vegan products, then another list with aloe free products. I asked for one list several times.

  • Boots

-> claimed they couldn’t check due to the number of products, told me to read ingredients

  • ella + mila

-> told me to read ingredients

  • Kylie Cosmetics

    -> only gave me a list of vegan products, not the ones that are aloe free (if they can’t follow simple instructions.. I wouldn’t trust them with stuff I put on my face)

  • Wander Beauty

    -> first gave me only their vegan options and then said “they’re not interested”