Are you a cruelty-free brand looking to appeal to shoppers allergic to aloe vera? 

Thousands of shoppers avoid aloe vera for allergy reasons or just because they don’t like it. It’s the kind of ingredient that sneaks its way into beauty, baby and lifestyle products. And if one person in the household is allergic.. that means everyone else needs to be aware of the products they use too.

Aloe allergies range from mild to severe and can be life threatening. It’s not the kind of thing shoppers make exceptions for if they really want a product- most products become un-purchasable due to the presence of aloe vera.

Becoming Aloe Free Verified..

  • .. introduces you to loyal shoppers who don’t choose aloe free by choice but by necessity

  • .. shows you’re compassionate towards allergy sufferers

  • .. instantly makes you more appealing to consumers who don’t need to read a long ingredient list

  • .. enhances brand recognition

Get the official Aloe Free label to indicate you’re allergy-friendly.

Get the official Aloe Free label to indicate you’re allergy-friendly.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be certified cruelty-free by at least 1 organization (PETA, Leaping Bunny etc..)

  • Have no products that contain aloe vera

  • Offer a wide selection of vegan products

As a member you get:

  • Rights to the mark for your products and website (renewed annually)

  • Listing on the directory of 100% Aloe Free Brands

  • An introductory feature in the Aloe Free Products newsletter

  • Valuable newsletter real estate- every email sent to our subscribers highlights our Aloe Free Verified Brands page

Annual membership is $250