Allergies are no joke

I’m a luxury web designer by day at 10 Carat Creations and aloe free advocate by night right here. I realized I was allergic after years of using hand wipes and soaps that contained Aloe. My hands were always covered in hives that hurt until one day I applied a lotion with Aloe Vera to my skin. I immediately felt tingling, itchiness and saw red bumps rise all over. That's when it clicked- the Aloe was the culprit! As soon as I stopped using products with Aloe, all hives and adverse reactions were gone.

What may irritate one person’s skin can be life threatening to another. Aloe Vera allergies go under the radar because the so-called soothing ingredient seems to be in everything. You don’t realize how many soaps, lotions, potions and wipes contain Aloe Vera until you become allergic.


I’mNicole- the face behind Aloe Free Products.

I was just like you- allergic to aloe and sick of playing detective.

Aloe isn't so soothing when you are allergic to it.

Until now, no resource for aloe free products has existed.

And up until recently, a quick Google search for aloe free products resulted in 5 year old forum posts where users commiserated about their aloe allergy. Talk about not helpful.

I wanted to create your ultimate resource for great items without the pesky Aloe.

So here we are! Hopefully I will save you hundreds of hours of researching and comparison.

If you ever have a question, a recommendation or want to pick my brain on veganism feel free to email me at nicole@aloefreeproducts.com. Here’s to a zen-er life!